I was approached by Tricorn Games to create a series of a card illustrations for a version of the classic kids card game Go Fish which incorporated exercise and I immediately jumped on the chance. Garret kickstarted the project and it was a swimming (pun intended) success. Both me and Garret were very pleased with the final outcome and how the deck of cards look like on the table.

Note: I left the crop marks in the sample images below to show where the cards would be cut.

The back of the cards featured a pond where “Go Fish” in which helped younger kids grasp where to get a new card without having to explain the rules.

As well as all the card illustrations, I helped Garret with box design, kickstarter images and a whole slew of other promotional materials. I was so pleased for him when the kickstarter was successful and even reached a couple of stretch goals.

Garret had this to say afterwards: “It was a fantastic experience to work with Fredrik, he was generous, creative, and we gave him a free hand to envision the characters that he wanted to create – and he worked wonders.












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