Heroes vs Evil was a browser based mmorpg game. I developed all graphical assets / design for it as well as shared game design duties on it. Although, not as successful as my previous game MMOBaseball, HvsE had a smaller but very devout community.

Heroes vs Evil was eventually shut down because of financial reasons.


The main game screen. You played the game by moving from tile to tile (with over 250 unique tiles developed for the game). In the top panels you saw who was in the tile with you and what was going on. You could click on any name to go to their profile. Tiles could catch on fire as well as be flooded and irradiated. These spread naturally. Heroes won XP by defeating evil characters, saving citizens and stopping disasters around the city. Vice versa for the evil characters.


The online shop where you could purchase energy, action points, etc. It was a F2P game where you had a certain amount of AP before you needed to take a break.


End of AP screen.


The character screen where players could see both their own and others stats. As players gained XP they could either focus in on altering their genetics to get crazy powers or focus on tech to becoming a tech genius and build crazy tools to help him in the never ending fight.

Each character could also assign other characters to be their arch nemesis and would gain extra XP if they managed to beat them.


When a new player joined the game we had this comic book style page which was animated. Each panel had interactive elements and when the player finished one section, another section would fade in. I had plans on drawing comic book heros for each panel.


We also ran a sister site called Metro One News which detailed all the upcoming plans for the game and even pulled in major events that players caused. So if player X managed to bomb the mayors house, that would show up in this site.

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