MMO Baseball was a successful browser based MMO that had 1+ year lifespan. I created all graphical assets as well as shared game design duty on it. At the peak of it’s life we had 20.000 registered users and a thriving community of players who loved the game.

Even after the game has been shut down for years now I still get the occasional person who asks if it’s coming back.

A huge, multi year, project where I created UI, icons, tiles, typography and all other graphical assets. I also worked as business and community manager.

Thanks to the dynamic nature of the content, the empty spaces of the designs were filled up with the content that the players generated. ┬áSeen here is a just a sampling of the 100’s of assets created.



The front page was mostly dynamic, generated by what players did.




Players earned achievements by playing in the live games.



Games started a specific times and if users had not set up a team line up, they would forfeit the game. We later implemented an AI system so users who did set up a line up and were playing against a someone who had not, were not punished.



Extensive player customization where players could earn new bats, clothes and other items that the team owners could then equip their players with.


Extensive and thorough real world stats were tracked. These stats were then scrutinized by the players as they sold and traded players between them.


All matches were marked in the database and if you missed a game, you could always go back and see how your team did.


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