Log in screen. Grabs user’s game center name, displays credits, starts loading main menus. Also display game patch news and other game centric news. Tap to continue. Text is typed out quickly to create a sci-fi feel.log in

The main menus. Swipe left and right to navigate. Slider to set length of time of the battle. Once launch button is pushed, display text to show it’s looking for an opponent. Display race and game center name on the left.battle

IAP store. Scroll up and down. Tap to purchase.armory

In game screen. Two fleets are moving on the screen (wip icons). Top left has system name currently contested. The two sliders show current location in the solar system together with home planet location. Scrolling text area on the right hand side is communications sent between players. Timer in bottom left so player can keep track of when events happen.game_screen

Tapped fleet showing details of fleet, arrival times, what and how many ships are in fleet.game_screen_fleet selected

Planet tapped showing orbiting fleet, locations conquered and star gate currently in use. Players drag ships from orbit to planet or stargate.game_screen_fleet sent

Selection of unique fleets for each race.spaceships