Rolling monsters

9 Aug , 2017 Blog / Work stream,Game Development

This year gencan’t held a design contest where the theme was roll and write. I decided to throw my hat […]

Card game

21 Dec , 2016 Blog / Work stream,Game Development,Illustration

I got hired to create art for a card game created by Tricorn games. The game features animals that do […]


4 May , 2016 Blog / Work stream,Illustration

A quick sketch at the request of a friend who was making a occult themed game.

Eye practice

4 May , 2016 Blog / Work stream,Illustration

Working my way through the classes at schoolism. Here’s a few eyeballs I painted that came out nicely.

Kraken just wants love

4 May , 2016 Blog / Work stream,Illustration

Didn’t finish it, but might go back to it eventually.


8 Jan , 2016 Blog / Work stream,Illustration,sketchbook

  A friend of mine requested an illustration of a creature that is a mix between a giraffe and a […]

Fire spiders

11 Nov , 2015 Blog / Work stream,Game Development,Illustration

Another new race for our new game.


6 Oct , 2015 Blog / Work stream,Game Development

An example of the planets for the new game we are building. Pretty chuffed with how they came out.