Game Development

Tilesets preview

5 Apr , 2013 Game Development,Illustration

A tiny little preview of some of the tilesets I’ve been drawing for Card Dungeon. Very close to being finished […]

Card Dungeon for Fun

15 Mar , 2013 Game Development

Had a few minutes to setup a fun composite shot of some of the monsters in Card Dungeon.

Floor tiles

4 Mar , 2013 Game Development

Not the sexiest stuff, but fun to draw, are floor tiles.

Dragon in game

24 Feb , 2013 Game Development

Really happy with how the dragon came out in game


21 Feb , 2013 Game Development,Illustration

A dragon head sketch and ink for Card Dungeon. 

Shop sketch

8 Feb , 2013 Game Development,sketchbook

Sketch for the shop in Card Dungeon.


6 Feb , 2013 Game Development,Illustration

Been working on this guy tonight (’bout 2 hours of work) for Gridiron Solitaire. Still lots to do on it, […]

The Dire wolf

1 Feb , 2013 Game Development,Illustration

Been drawing monsters for Card Dungeon and I thought this one came out really well. Some kind of Dire Fox.

Shaman for Card Dungeon

22 Jan , 2013 Game Development,Illustration

Finished the Shaman enemy for Card Dungeon. Here’s the final texture and below you can see him in game.

Grasping Hands

17 Jan , 2013 Game Development,Illustration

A new monster enters Card Dungeon. These hands reach out through the floor and grabs and holds you as long […]