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Magic Box Assignment 1

28 May , 2013 Illustration

So I have joined an online class for digital painting called Oatley’s Magic Box and this is the first assignment. […]


17 May , 2013 Game Development,Illustration

Was pretty happy with how the head of the DireFox came out in this drawing for Card Dungeon.


14 May , 2013 Illustration

A moomin. I love moomins.

#drawfuturama #2

10 May , 2013 Illustration

Another drawing for the twitter thing where you draw Futurama.

Dragon for luck

8 May , 2013 Illustration

Started a illustration about a dragon that hangs around a small fishing town. Maybe he gives them good luck but […]


3 May , 2013 Illustration

Did a thing (again on twitter) for a thing called “Draw Futurama”. Thought it might be fun. One of my […]

Bad guys cards

1 May , 2013 Game Development,Illustration

After testing and testing and testing Card Dungeon I came to the realization that the monsters you play against need […]

Concept Art painting

6 Apr , 2013 sketchbook

Tried my hand at a quick concept art painting tonight. Set a limit of 30 minutes for myself to force […]

Tilesets preview

5 Apr , 2013 Game Development,Illustration

A tiny little preview of some of the tilesets I’ve been drawing for Card Dungeon. Very close to being finished […]