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Card Dungeon

27 Jul , 2012 Game Development

I’ve been drawing armor cards for Card Dungeon. A few samples.

Card Dungeon on iPad

17 Jul , 2012 Game Development

A momentous occasion! First time Card Dungeon runs on the iPad. Look!

Park Scene

13 Jul , 2012 Game Development,Illustration

Some more work for Bill Harris upcoming game Gridiron Solitaire. This is the first of a few back drop paintings […]

Card Dungeon Update

1 Jul , 2012 Game Development

A couple of screenshots can’t really do it justice for how cool this is. So something I’ve wanted for awhile […]

Logos. Get your logos.

28 Jun , 2012 Game Development,Illustration

Did some logos for Gridiron Solitaire.

Progress on logo design

26 Jun , 2012 Illustration

Progress on the Perfekt Produktion logo.

Card Dungeon Update

24 Jun , 2012 Game Development

Update time! I am getting very, very close to having all the action cards painted (I set a goal of […]

Some logo ideas

23 Jun , 2012 sketchbook

Noodled on some logos for my brothers company “Perfect Productions”. I liked the idea of nestling one P in the […]

Gridiron Solitaire

21 Jun , 2012 Game Development

As the game development for Gridiron Solitaire moved ahead, Bill (programmer, designer, client) decided that the cards I drew just […]