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Reworking cards

25 May , 2012 Game Development,Illustration

Reworking a some of the football cards for Gridiron Solitaire. I like how this dude turned out.


23 May , 2012 Illustration

So this kind of thing is what I get to draw during my day work. Not terribly exciting, but I […]

Last iteration on cards

17 May , 2012 Game Development,Illustration

So I believe this will be the final iteration of the cards and the last of the posts regarding the […]

Color codes

29 Apr , 2012 Game Development

An update from the Card Dungeon. Decided that to help the user see what kind of effect a card has, […]

drawing drawing drawing

19 Apr , 2012 Game Development,Illustration

Closing in on having about a 5th left of the cards to do on Card Dungeon. Here’s another example.


17 Apr , 2012 Illustration

Just a quick drawing.

New game announced today

3 Apr , 2012 Game Development

Hey look at that. The game I’ve been helping the esteemed Bill Harris with was just announced by him. So […]

Posture sketch

26 Mar , 2012 Game Development,Illustration

I based this sketch on my posture.

Football Hands

14 Mar , 2012 Game Development,Illustration

Drawing for the American Football CCG I’ve been working on for awhile. Thought this card came out allright.

Something a little different

27 Feb , 2012 Illustration

An illustration that’s in the back of my mind for awhile. I started it awhile ago, but never finished it. […]