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Card Dungeon – some floor tiles

24 Feb , 2012 Game Development,Illustration

Been spending today drawing some floor tiles and traps for Card Dungeon. Here’s a few examples. From top left: Holy […]

Card Dungeon Books

21 Feb , 2012 Game Development,Illustration

I was pretty happy with how this adventure book came out. It’s for Card Dungeon, of course, and it’s the […]

Card Dungeon character classes

8 Feb , 2012 Game Development

Character Classes for Card Dungeon. So yeah… here’s how I see it working. The player picks a class for his […]

Card Dungeon Update

1 Feb , 2012 Game Development,Illustration

Card Dungeon is coming along slowly but surely. All game systems have finally been designed. There’s that point in my […]

Burning Goblin

31 Jan , 2012 Game Development,Illustration

An example of a powercard available to the player in Card Dungeon.

GUI for Card Dungeon

23 Jan , 2012 Game Development

Been hard at work the last week or drawing the in game UI for Card Dungeon. Here’s where it is […]

Painted figurines

19 Jan , 2012 Painting

After playing one game of Cadwallon: City of Thieves with unpainted figures I found it too hard to find your […]

Video Games

13 Jan , 2012 sketchbook

An image that’s I put together from elements from my last portfolio design.

Strange Feeling

12 Jan , 2012 Game Development,Illustration

Of all the cards in the deck of cards I drew, I am most pleased with this one. I can […]

Doketah – Finished

10 Jan , 2012 Game Development,Illustration

The finished Doketah for Card Dungeon.