Work Experience

Joy Machine 2017 – 2018
For a short stint I acted as Art director working on Steel Hunters at Joy Machine with Trent Polack until Trent joined Arcane Studios and put Steel Hunters on the shelf.

PlayTap Games | Independent game designer 2010 – present
Responsible for game design, 2D & 3D art, animation and all UI / UX designs for game titles for PC and mobile platforms. Manage schedules, assign duties to freelancers and act as point of contact for press and business. Playtap games published Card Dungeon in 2014 and are currently in progress of publishing new titles.

Indiana University 2008 – present
Responsible for developing standards for digital imagery for publication and print, 3D and 2D animation and multimedia development. Implement art direction for dept. while maintaining compliance with university brand guidelines. Responsible for all development of marketing materials, posters, journals, books, presentations, photography, video editing and more for dept. as well as publishing all copywriting and maintenance of department website. Act as point of contact for our outside source for printing large scale posters. Developed new learning tools utilizing Unity and HTC Vive for VR projects.

Affectworks LLC 2004 – 2008
Founded Affectworks. Developed business identities, websites, and advertisements for national and international companies. Set art direction, developed art assets and multimedia assets for websites, print projects and game titles. Managed all client relations and set schedules, work assignments for colleagues and freelancers.

Worked an assortment of jobs both in Sweden and USA from 1990 to 1998. IT support, Buyer at a bookstore, Clerk, Sales person, etc. 

Select Independent Projects

Musician for “Wanda’s Monster” at Children’s Museum 2023
The Lilly theater of The Children’s Museum in Indianapolis hired me to  record guitar and mixing the songs for the show. See showbill.

The Man You Trust 2019 – 2022
Illustrations for Bill Harris book “The Man you Trust”. Available on Amazon now.

Children’s Museum 3D Animation 2018
The theater of The Children’s Museum in Indianapolis needed some 3D animations to project on stage during their performance of Snow White and I was happy to assist them.

SPQF 2018
UI design and graphic designer for Grand Rodieks’ deck building card game. SPQF became a big success, tripling its kickstarter goal and is now being picked up and published by Leder Games by the name Fort.

5 Ravens 2017
Graphic designer for Grant Rodieks’ card game. Met and exceeded its kickstarter goal and is now out.

Go Fish Fitness 2017
Illustrator and graphic designer for a variant of the classic card game for kids. Go Fish met its Kickstarter goal and is now being played all over the world.

Drumbeat Workshop Sweden 2016
Developed id and logos for a brand new drum classes in Sweden.

Card Dungeon 2014
Mobile title which mixes card based combat within a rogue-like structure. Game design, 2D and 3D art, animation, UI / UX design. Released on PC, iOS and Android. Card Dungeon was a big success and has been played by 100.000’s of people. Website

Gamers with Jobs 2014
Developed new design for Gamers with Jobs website. Created all UX and UI art assets and worked together with current coder to give a fresh look to the Gamers with Jobs brand. Website

Gridiron Solitaire 2013
Freelance 2D artist. UI / UX design and developed all in game art assets with art direction from project lead. Developed all marketing material and over 1000+ art assets over the span of 2 years.

Heroes vs Evil 2011
Browser based super hero mmorpg. Created all game design, UI, UX, 2D art, HTML, CSS and acted as community manager for 10.000+ players.

MMO Baseball 2009
Browser based sports simulator mmorpg. Developed all game design, UI, UX, 2D art, HTML, CSS and acted as community manager for 50.000+ players.

Survival 2008
Horror zombie FPS developed for competition, Developed all in game art assets, all UI and HUD as well as all animations.

Switching Gears 2008
3D platformer developed with Torque. Developed all in game art assets as well as all print marketing assets.

Publications and Awards

Knock that dragon down! 2018
Game design
Runner up (No 8 of 200) in HABA’s yearly game design contest. Play as a animal trying to chase down a Dragon who stole your coins in this fast paced dexterity table top game. Flick your contraptions and knock that dragon down!
Board Game Geek contest result entry
Dicescrapers 2018
Game design
Finalist for Cardboard Edison Award (top 15 of 250) contest. Dicescrapers is a roll and build game where you stack dice to out-build the competition and claim the most and the highest Dicescrapers.
Cardboard Edison Award entry
Imagery for pathology textbooks 2008-present
Imagery development and composition of 50+ textbooks.
Journal of Modern Pathology Various dates
Imagery development and composition of a 100+ publications.
BradyGames 2006 – 08
Freelance imagery development for strategy guides.
Work published include strategy guides Bioshock, Spiderman, X-Men etc.
Survival 2007
First prize winner of Instant Action Award at GDC
Switching Gears 2007
First prize winner of Instant Action Award at GDC

Primary Skill Sets

Graphic Design
UI / UX design
2D design
Print design

Expertise with

Photoshop, Illustrator and the Adobe Suite
Manga Studio
Substance Painter and Alchemist

Game engine experience

Unity3D (primary tool), UDK, Torque



Other expertise

Color theory
User Interface Design
Foundations of Animation

Fluent in Swedish and English


IUPUI 1998 – 2003
B.S. New Media Arts and Science
Highest honors
Average GPA 3.9 Major GPA 4.0

Self taught illustration classes 2017 – 2020

Student in Chris Oatley’s
Magic Box class 2013

Available upon request