Finished pig illustration

16 Sep , 2013 Illustration

Finished version of the pig illustration.

New Orc Boss

5 Sep , 2013 Game Development,Illustration

One of the monsters for Card Dungeon that I was never really happy with was the Orc Boss. His pose […]


25 Aug , 2013 Game Development,Illustration

Gridiron solitaire is wrapping up and I am doing the final little pieces of game art that is needed to […]

3d model

25 Aug , 2013 Game Development

Found this older 3D model of a little town I did for a game concept. The game never was put […]

Evening doodle

30 Jul , 2013 Illustration

Nothing better than to just draw / doodle something fun just for the fun of drawing after a long day.

End of day sketch

24 Jul , 2013 Illustration


Lunchtime pokemon drawing

23 Jul , 2013 Illustration

Spent the lunch hour drawing Parasect for yet another thing on Twitter. This time, 150 different artists drawing the 150 […]

Last of the images

15 Jul , 2013 Game Development,Illustration

So this is the last of all the work I had to do for Gridiron Solitaire, so that project is […]

Card Dungeon update

14 Jul , 2013 Game Development

A little update that Card Dungeon is chugging along nicely. All cards have been drawn and all enemies have skills […]