Card Dungeon is a game I developed together with my colleague over the course of almost 3 years. Any graphical work you see in the game I did. Here’s a sampling of UI work and in game assets. There are 250+ cards with all unique graphics in the game, 8 different tile sets for the floors, 40+ unique enemies and lots more.

We also developed a promotional website that can be found here. It utilizes a CSS framework (skeleton.css) and a php based template. I also utilize Rami Ishamel’s excellent PressKit.

Splash Screen

Loading screen / splash screen when player starts the game.

Above are a few of the 40+ creatures I drew for Card Dungeon. The game is cartoony so we can have younger players enjoy it without drawing ire for being gory, scary or violent and also because I can be goofy and fun which a more realistic style prohibits.

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