In production

Bird Watching. A PC game about watching birds in a lovely part of Oregon.

Untitled space game for iOS. Artist and game design.



Five Ravens – A game that combines deckbuilding and tableau building.
Art Director.
Board Game Geek entry

Go Fish Fitness – A card game that expands on the classic Go Fish variety to include exercise and motion.
Board Game Geek entry

Card Dungeon – Released for iOS, Android and Windows phone. PC and Mac via Steam and other digital outlets.
Game design and artist.

Gridiron Solitaire
Artist, UI / UX designer
See Steam page or homepage for more information about this title. Released January 2014

Heroes vs Evil
Game design and artist.
Heroes vs Evil was a web based MMO where the player took on the persona of a super hero or a super villain and fought battles in Metro City. Evil characters could rob banks, start fires and cause havoc and heroes could calm citizens, fight bad guys and restore order to the city. There were hideouts and secret lairs, new super powers to discover and all characters grew as they leveled up. Heroes vs Evil was shut down after a year due to not being financially sound.
Released 2011

MMO Baseball
Shared game design and artist.
In MMOBaseball players took on the role as a baseball manager and ran their own teams. The most unique feature of MMOBaseball were that all games were scheduled before hand and were played live. Players would log into the site, set their lineup, and then watch, live, how the game turned out. If the player did not log in a rudimentary AI would take over and set a basic line up. MMOBaseball had a healthy user base when death threats started to roll in and we decided that to shut it down instead of suffering through. A shame as we had some great expansions planned where the players could run their stadiums and base their earnings from their income from the stadiums as well as their winnings from the games.
Released 2009


Experiments / Not published

An Odyssey
Artist / Game Design
An Odyssey was going to be a iOS based title where you move a ship across the water, avoiding cliffs and picking up items from the bottom of the seafloor. Project was discarded after a few weeks, but I always liked this menu I did for it.

Spy Paddles
Spy Paddles was supposed to be a multiplayer pong game with 1960’s style upgrades. I did some menus and some icons for it, but it did not pan out.

Game design and artist.
A zombie game where the player had to build his shelter from items he could scavenge from the island he had crash landed on. In the end we realized it was too big of a project for 2 people and abandoned it.
Instant Actions Game Dev Award 1st prize

Switching Gears
Game design and artist.
My first video game created. During the time platformers were horribly out of fashion and the one of the few games that held the genre going were Ratchet and Clank. Switching Gears was supposed to be a Ratchet style platformer and we got pretty far on it, but eventually shut it down due to lack of interest from publishers.
Instant Actions Game Dev Award 1st prize