Game Development

New gridiron illos

24 Mar , 2014 Blog / Work stream,Game Development,Illustration

Working on some more illustrations for Gridiron Solitaire which means more drawing football players doing all kinds of things. Here’s […]

design of card dungeon

19 Mar , 2014 Game Development

Instead of talking about a specific feature or some exciting new¬†screenshot I am going to deep on you this week […]

Shop in Card Dungeon

2 Feb , 2014 Game Development

Latest thing that’s been implemented into the game: the shop. This friendly guy will roam around every third level and […]

Tweaked animation

23 Jan , 2014 Game Development,UI

Tweaked the animations and finished them up. Next up is animating some fun stuff to go on in the background […]

card dungeon intro

22 Jan , 2014 Game Development,UI

Intro test animation for card dungeon. Animated inside Unity which is turning out to be pretty darn flexible and powerful. […]

Card Dungeon update

17 Jan , 2014 Game Development

A little update on how Card Dungeon is coming along. Latest feature we added was that cards deteriorate as you […]

Grunt Summoner (Card Dungeon)

2 Jan , 2014 Game Development,Illustration

Was pretty happy with how he came out. He is a summoner who.. well, summons other monsters to do the […]

Adventure books

18 Dec , 2013 Game Development,Illustration,UI

I’ve been drawing these little adventure book covers for the in between levels of Card Dungeon and I am really […]

Card Dungeon

23 Nov , 2013 Game Development

Been pushing on with Card Dungeon and thought I’d put some new screenshots up here.

4 Nov , 2013 Game Development,UI

I just relaunched so you should probably head over there and take a look. Built on a wordpress theme […]