Character guy

14 Sep , 2012 Illustration

Liked the little guy I drew the other day (see sketches below), so I went back and fleshed him out […]

All cards are done!

25 Aug , 2012 Game Development,Illustration

Phew! That took almost 6 months, but all cards for Card Dungeon are written, illustrated and implemented into Unity3d. All […]

Card Dungeon Armor Cards

10 Aug , 2012 Game Development,Illustration

Been drawing armor cards for Card Dungeon off and on for a few weeks now and I am finally getting […]

Medical Illustration

10 Aug , 2012 Illustration

A illustration I did for a paper a doctor is publishing in a journal. Thought those littleĀ epithelial cells turned out […]

Park Scene

13 Jul , 2012 Game Development,Illustration

Some more work for Bill Harris upcoming game Gridiron Solitaire. This is the first of a few back drop paintings […]

Logos. Get your logos.

28 Jun , 2012 Game Development,Illustration

Did some logos for Gridiron Solitaire.

Progress on logo design

26 Jun , 2012 Illustration

Progress on the Perfekt Produktion logo.

Reworking cards

25 May , 2012 Game Development,Illustration

Reworking a some of the football cards for Gridiron Solitaire. I like how this dude turned out.


23 May , 2012 Illustration

So this kind of thing is what I get to draw during my day work. Not terribly exciting, but I […]

Last iteration on cards

17 May , 2012 Game Development,Illustration

So I believe this will be the final iteration of the cards and the last of the posts regarding the […]