The Dire wolf

1 Feb , 2013 Game Development,Illustration

Been drawing monsters for Card Dungeon and I thought this one came out really well. Some kind of Dire Fox.

Shaman for Card Dungeon

22 Jan , 2013 Game Development,Illustration

Finished the Shaman enemy for Card Dungeon. Here’s the final texture and below you can see him in game.

Grasping Hands

17 Jan , 2013 Game Development,Illustration

A new monster enters Card Dungeon. These hands reach out through the floor and grabs and holds you as long […]

sub and dolphin

4 Jan , 2013 Illustration,sketchbook

A new design for Submarine and Dolphin. Getting closer. And another update. Really like how Dolphin is turning out. Submarine […]

Dolphin test

31 Dec , 2012 Illustration,sketchbook

A test for one of my projects going into 2013; Dolphin and Submarine – Bestest of Friends. Not quite happy […]

Christmas doodle

24 Dec , 2012 Illustration

Merry christmas with reused trees.

Animal sketches done.

20 Dec , 2012 Illustration

Done! Pretty happy with how this sketch project turned out and I am really pleased with how I’ve progressed through […]

Christmas card

6 Dec , 2012 Illustration

Was assigned to draw a┬áChristmas┬ácard for work. Of course, nothing that could ever offend anyone could be depicted so I […]

A is for Alphabet

24 Oct , 2012 Illustration

Been doing 5-20 minute sketches and posted them to my twitter account for awhile now and I was feeling that […]