8 Jan , 2016 Blog / Work stream,Illustration,sketchbook

  A friend of mine requested an illustration of a creature that is a mix between a giraffe and a […]


6 Jan , 2015 Blog / Work stream,sketchbook

Something that I’ve always been terrible at are character poses. So, I have decided to really work hard at them […]


5 Dec , 2014 Blog / Work stream,sketchbook

  1 hour challenge to paint a thermian from Galaxy Quest.¬†

Sketchbook – Furry Alien

20 Nov , 2014 Blog / Work stream,Painting,sketchbook

Trying my hand on sketch painting some fur.

Testing out art style for new game

18 Nov , 2014 Blog / Work stream,Illustration,sketchbook,UI

  Testing out art styles of Playtaps new game with some ideas for UI design. I like the harsh vectors […]

sketch book – space ship profiles

17 Nov , 2014 Blog / Work stream,sketchbook

  Did a bunch of space ship profiles. Some good, some less.

Sketch book Alien progress shots

16 Nov , 2014 Blog / Work stream,Illustration,sketchbook

Progress shot of the latest alien I painted. About an hour of work with taking pause for kid with nightmares […]

Sketch Book

14 Nov , 2014 Blog / Work stream,sketchbook

New daily alien sketch.

Sketch Book Alien

13 Nov , 2014 Blog / Work stream,Illustration,sketchbook

New alien. 30 minutes photoshop.