Monster sketches

14 Jan , 2013 Game Development,sketchbook

A few sketches for some monsters for Card Dungeon. Who knows if they’ll make it.

sub and dolphin

4 Jan , 2013 Illustration,sketchbook

A new design for Submarine and Dolphin. Getting closer. And another update. Really like how Dolphin is turning out. Submarine […]

Dolphin test

31 Dec , 2012 Illustration,sketchbook

A test for one of my projects going into 2013; Dolphin and Submarine – Bestest of Friends. Not quite happy […]

Sketch for Card Dungeon – Orc

4 Dec , 2012 Game Development,sketchbook

A sketch for a monster for Card Dungeon. This is a melee brute which charges the player and hammers him […]


22 Aug , 2012 sketchbook

  Some sketches for funsies. Trying to draw more quick sketches for practice.

Some logo ideas

23 Jun , 2012 sketchbook

Noodled on some logos for my brothers company “Perfect Productions”. I liked the idea of nestling one P in the […]

Video Games

13 Jan , 2012 sketchbook

An image that’s I put together from elements from my last portfolio design.