Mario sketch

22 Apr , 2014 Blog / Work stream,sketchbook

  Tanooki suit is the best suit.

Evil Scientist

6 Feb , 2014 sketchbook

So evil! You can tell he is evil because of the Fu Manchu.

Daily Sketch

4 Feb , 2014 sketchbook

Blackbeard as a kid.

Pencil sketch

1 Jun , 2013 Illustration,sketchbook

After being so super pleased with Frenden’s photoshop ink tools (which 95% of Card Dungeon have been drawn with), I […]

Concept Art painting

6 Apr , 2013 sketchbook

Tried my hand at a quick concept art painting tonight. Set a limit of 30 minutes for myself to force […]

Daily Doodles

6 Mar , 2013 sketchbook

Joined in on a daily thing over at twitter where you draw one thing every day. Theme can be found […]

Shop sketch

8 Feb , 2013 Game Development,sketchbook

Sketch for the shop in Card Dungeon.