Finished it up

24 Jan , 2014 Illustration

Finished up the illustration I sketched out yesterday. Fixed the eyes, ears. Inked it up, colored it and it turned […]

A quick sketch

23 Jan , 2014 Illustration

New way of drawing eyes for me. Has some interesting things going for it.

Ok, now it’s done

18 Jan , 2014 Illustration,Painting

Really happy with how this little guy turned out. The original in game sprite from The Legend of Zelda: A […]

Chasupa done

18 Jan , 2014 Illustration,Painting

For a Zelda collaboration online. Drawn in Photoshop.

Chasupa progress gif

17 Jan , 2014 Illustration

I made a gif! The Chasupa is not done yet, but ran out of time today to finish it up. […]

Card Dungeon update

17 Jan , 2014 Game Development

A little update on how Card Dungeon is coming along. Latest feature we added was that cards deteriorate as you […]

New twitter collab

16 Jan , 2014 Illustration

This time it’s all the creatures from all the Zelda games. I drew Chasupa. Here’s my sketch.

Grunt Summoner (Card Dungeon)

2 Jan , 2014 Game Development,Illustration

Was pretty happy with how he came out. He is a summoner who.. well, summons other monsters to do the […]

Adventure books

18 Dec , 2013 Game Development,Illustration,UI

I’ve been drawing these little adventure book covers for the in between levels of Card Dungeon and I am really […]


5 Dec , 2013 Illustration

Occasionally I get to draw some really fun stuff at work. This is a kidney who is Sherlock Holmes. Yep.