New football cards

30 Jan , 2015 Blog / Work stream,Game Development

Redoing the art for Gridiron Football includes creating a new set of cards with new football players.


27 Jan , 2015 Blog / Work stream,UI

  Finally getting to redesign Gridiron Solitaire into what I had hoped I would be able to do when I […]


6 Jan , 2015 Blog / Work stream,sketchbook

Something that I’ve always been terrible at are character poses. So, I have decided to really work hard at them […]

Sea Creature

13 Dec , 2014 Blog / Work stream,Illustration

Really enjoyed working on this painting so I decided to push a little further and see what I can make out […]


5 Dec , 2014 Blog / Work stream,sketchbook

  1 hour challenge to paint a thermian from Galaxy Quest. 


5 Dec , 2014 Blog / Work stream,Painting

  Painted a Kermit I thought turned out decently.

UI Test for new game

25 Nov , 2014 Blog / Work stream,UI

  In Playtap’s new game, the user will be switching frequently, and quickly, to different subsystems of a spaceship and I […]


24 Nov , 2014 Blog / Work stream,Illustration,UI

Logo for some type of water game. A doodle I liked the outcome of.

Sketchbook – Furry Alien

20 Nov , 2014 Blog / Work stream,Painting,sketchbook

Trying my hand on sketch painting some fur.