Desert View

29 Aug , 2014 Blog / Work stream,Illustration

Edit: Finished it today.   Another window view for Gridiron I think is coming along nicely. Desert view. Mountain needs […]

Window views

26 Aug , 2014 Game Development,Painting

  I’ve been drawing views from a window for Gridiron Solitaire tonight. I am pretty happy with how some of […]

New Mini painted

5 Aug , 2014 Blog / Work stream,Painting

This one is for the City of Thieves expansion.

Loading image

29 Jul , 2014 Blog / Work stream,Game Development,Illustration,UI

Happy with how this illustration is coming along. It’ll eventually be a splash screen for when Card Dungeon starts. Still […]

UI work

24 Jul , 2014 Blog / Work stream,UI

Some UI work for Gridiron Solitaire. This is for mid game statistics.


16 Jul , 2014 Blog / Work stream,Game Development,Illustration

Currently working on this illustration for Gridiron Solitiare. It’s sort of a museum / trophy / team history room. Bill […]

Card Dungeon icons

16 Jun , 2014 Blog / Work stream,Illustration

Made some icons for Card Dungeon.

Gridiron 1.3

27 May , 2014 Blog / Work stream,Illustration

I have been drawing new images for a big update to Gridiron Solitaire. I am quite fond of how this […]

Mario sketch

22 Apr , 2014 Blog / Work stream,sketchbook

  Tanooki suit is the best suit.