Card Dungeon

23 Nov , 2013 Game Development

Been pushing on with Card Dungeon and thought I’d put some new screenshots up here.    

Card Dungeon

27 Jul , 2012 Game Development

I’ve been drawing armor cards for Card Dungeon. A few samples.

Logos. Get your logos.

28 Jun , 2012 Game Development,Illustration

Did some logos for Gridiron Solitaire.

Progress on logo design

26 Jun , 2012 Illustration

Progress on the Perfekt Produktion logo.

GUI for Card Dungeon

23 Jan , 2012 Game Development

Been hard at work the last week or drawing the in game UI for Card Dungeon. Here’s where it is […]

Painted figurines

19 Jan , 2012 Painting

After playing one game of Cadwallon: City of Thieves with unpainted figures I found it too hard to find your […]

Bone Thug

6 Jan , 2012 Game Development,Illustration

More Card Dungeon art: A new enemy appears! The Bone Thug will cleave you in half while shielding himself from […]

Valentines Day Credit Cards

6 Jan , 2012 Illustration

Some valentines day themed credit card designs I threw together in a hurry today for a client.

Mole Shark

6 Jan , 2012 Game Development,Illustration

The mole shark is the first enemy drawn for Card Dungeon. This enemy will ignores all traps and gives a […]

Deck of cards

6 Jan , 2012 Game Development,Illustration

Something else that’s been taking up quite a bit of my time is this thing that I’ve been working on […]